Church Live Streaming

Yes! We offer church live streaming services to churches in Nigeria. Take your Church Events and Services online Now!

Church Live Streaming Setup

Church Live Streaming is the next big thing to happen to churches all around the globe. With this service your members or audience can now watch your events or services where ever they are in the world with their most valuable assets(Phones, ipad, Tablets, Laptop)
church live streaming
Yes mobile phones and devices are now everyone’s most valuable asset. You can now take advantage of the mobile craze going on worldwide. Everyone wouldn’t go out without their phone in their purse. As funny and ridiculous as this sounds, we are in the ages of mobility. Everything now are done via mobile devices. Our Church live streaming service gives you the rare opportunity to take advantage of this trends. is relatively new in Nigeria but our works are already speaking for us. Within the short time of our existence, we’ve been to setup church live streaming for over 500 churches within Nigeria and across Africa.

Are you a pastor of a church in Nigeria that is yet to take your services online? Then it must be, perhaps you are yet to find out about us. We make the steps to live stream your events easy and fast like the numbers 1,2,3. You don’t need to be a techy person or church to get this up and running, we guild you all the way.

So what are you waiting for? Our customer care lines are available every single day of the week and every month of the year. We will be more than happy to setup a live stream solution for your events or church service.

Subscribe to our video streaming service today so that the world can see the Signs and wonders God is doing in your church. Hurry Call 08039422997 Now!