Enjoy mobility! Your viewers watch your events live on their mobile phones


No Bandwith limits, You can stream unlimited videos with no extra charges


Automatic Recording of your events, your Audience can watch even after the event


Your Viewers can watch your events live on your website with no Hassles


live stream

Step One

Capture Audio & Video

Connect a camera and sound system to a computer with a capture device or directly to a streaming device.

live stream

Step Two

Encode & Transmit

Connect a camera and sound system to a computer with a capture device or directly to a streaming device.

live stream

Step Three

View Live

Connect a camera and sound system to a computer with a capture device or directly to a streaming device.

Live streaming Nigeria company is a leading video streaming company with years of experience in HD online streaming. We have over the years help churches and event organizers to transmit their events to viewers all over the world. Our services comes as a relief for churches and persons that wish to broadcast their service or event to viewers on the world wide web. We make the process easy as we know how important it is for your event to be broadcast-ed to your audience. In this age where technology is the order of the day for every business, we ensure you are not lacking behind, that’s why we’ve made our services affordable and easy to setup.

You no longer need to contact a live stream company abroad to take your events online…. You no longer have to pay heavily for this service. We are indigenous company and we have been providing Video streaming for churches all over Nigeria at pocket friendly prices since 2010. Live streaming Nigeria company provides all-inclusive streaming solution that suit every budget, Whether you intend to tryout streaming for the first time or you are looking to change your current provider, We are the ideal live streaming company for you. We will guild you all through the process of starting out with us. We provide everything you need to deliver high-quality live and on-demand broadcasts to any device, so far it has internet connectivity. Your viewers can watch from their android Phones, their tablets or on the web.

We ensure your broadcast is successful by providing innovative supporting services along with Nigeria streaming service. We thrive to be an all in one hub for Multimedia presentations. Among are core services are:

Have you been desiring to have or setup a live online streaming tv for your church or you wish to take your videos online? Do you ever wonder how you could setup tv streaming for your church or events? Perhaps you have visited numerous streaming sites but none seem to fit your budget. Have you also tried free live streaming options available online but you are not satisfied because of the distorting video streaming quality. Well that is in the pass now, You are in good hands now. We are different from every other video streaming sites out there. We work hand in hand with you to achieve your goal of online tv streaming. Even if you are totally newbie or you don’t even know what is streaming.

live streaming for churches is our major drive that’s why our prices are well streamlined to suit all budgets. It is our goal to provide a live video streaming platform specifically designed to meet the needs of churches and events as well. Providing a pleasant streaming experience for clients is our utmost desire and we achieve this by making sure we make available all the turnkey features you need for online tv streams.

livestreaming is not as difficult as it seems, you can be up and running in just few minutes so far you have all the components ready. To video stream your events comes in just 3 steps. First of all you need to connect your video and audio to the computer with a capture device or directly to a streaming Device. The next step transmits your video and audio via the live tv streaming device to our server on Lastly, You events goes live on live streaming tv. Viewers can view it from any part of the world via your web site, mobile app, podcast, or custom Roku channel.

Now you know how easy it is to stream that event online. The only reason you would not want to join the new trend of live streaming will be because you don’t want to join the digital age. The benefits to livestream your events online cannot be over emphasized. In this age of technology, every business is making use of every avenue to reach their target audience, either via mobile, through the web or via word of mouth. With live streaming in Nigeria, Churches and event organizes can now be sure of a wider coverage of their events. No matter where your audience are, you sure they can view your events.

So don’t be left out, join the Nigeria video streaming exodus and enjoy the benefits that comes with it. You no longer have to wonder if there is any video streaming company in Nigeria. Live streaming Nigeria company is duly registered and licensed to provide live streaming services in Nigeria. Stop the search for a live streaming company in Nigeria and give us a call today, We closer than you ever thought.



Thanks for helping our church setup live streaming. We ‘ve always thought no nigeria company offers this service

Rccg, Calabar

Live Streaming Nigeria Company ‘s services are out of this world. We are glad we found them

Winners, Owerri

Our Studio is now world class courtesy of live streaming company. Thanks for your advice

GGi, Port Harcourt

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will like to start online video streaming for our events but we don't have a tech person to help out, how can your company help?

Starting Online streaming for your events is super easy than you can ever imagine. So don’t fret, we will assist all through the process. You don’t have to be a tech person to get started. In just 3 easy steps and you are ready to go

Ok, What if we have a problem while broadcasting live?

You don’t have to worry, Our technical lines are always available 24/7. Just put a call across to us if any problem arises

What If a viewer misses our live broadcast? Can they still get the opportunity to watch us again?

Of-course Yes! Your archive is automatically posted for on-demand viewing within minutes of each live broadcast. No moment is missed, thanks to our automatic archiving

How can we tell how many viewers watched our live broadcast?

Our instant viewer analytics gives you every details of all aspects of your streaming service. You can Find out how many viewers watched your broadcasts, How long each viewer watched your broadcast, what broadcasts were most popular, viewer maps,and much more!

Can we distribute the events we broadcast on other mediums like Burning them on DVD and or Uploading the to YouTube

Absolutely Yes! You have free access to .MP4 format of your broadcast. You can burn them to DVDs or upload them to youtube if you desire.

We want to drive traffic to our website, How can you help us achieve this?

Very Easy! We can bring all the traffic you want on your website. You want to know how?
We will embed our customized player directly on your website so that Viewers can watch your broadcasts both live and on-demand directly on your website. This keep all the traffic on your website and will drastically increase your page views.